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Karina Robinson joined us for our very first Broad Minded event, talking us through her top 10 tips for getting to the top. Karina has had a very interesting and enviable career. She started as an equity analyst at a merchant bank before becoming the Political and Economic Correspondent at Bloomberg. Today she is the Founding Principal of Robinson Hambro, a firm focusing on chairman advisory services and one that has played a key advisory role to Lord Davies Women on Boards. She is a major advocate and voice for women in the workplace, with positions on the Diversity Advisory Panel for Fiona Woolf and the Global Female Leaders Summit 2015.

Karina gave us a brilliant presentation – top tips below:

  • Sense of humour – lesson for us all, but especially those majoring in the balancing act
  • Keep a duster handy – expect to face some different treatment as a woman; learn to deal with it and dust yourself down afterwards.
  • Money money money – make sure you have control of your own finances
  • Connect, above all, connect – we may not always love it, but networking and building relationships will be an invaluable asset
  • Marry well – you don’t need to find your own Roman Abramovich but finding a supporting partner is incredibly important for any woman, especially one that wants to follow their own career path
  • Be an alien – don’t be afraid to stand out; you’re a woman and be proud of that.
  • Grasp opportunities – if you see the glimmer of an opportunity, grab it!
  • Support other women – often women’s worst enemy at work can be other women. We’re in this together – support each other.
  • Drop the guilt trip – can we have it all? Who cares, you’ve got enough to think about without that on top.
  • Have fun!
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