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Marine Tanguy - Art Gallery founder

Co-founder De Re Gallery. Partner/ Artistic Director of Gallery Soho Revue.

At the tender age of 19, I wrote a poem to the BBC's Culture Show on the power of a multi-disciplinary artistic vision. For some unknown reason they accepted me over accomplished academic CVs. Thus I became their new intern and loved following the TV presenters on various shoots. I was impressed by their artistic knowledge and how articulate they were at constructing their thoughts on the art scene. This inspired me to study History of Art.
The following year I also joined a Chelsea art gallery, travelling to their art fairs in New York, London and Paris as their sales and art fairs representative. In just seven days for each fair, I was exposed to a multitude of splendid art collections and an impressive gathering of accomplished people in the art world. I loved the intensity of this arena. I quickly got addicted to the fast pace of the art scene, which made me leave my degree early for the opportunity to become the manager of The Outsiders Gallery in Soho, London.
Running a gallery requires you to be very flexible: you have to be everything from a do-it-yourself electrician and builder, to a designer, curator and press officer. The brain seems to expand on a daily basis and there is very little time to be bored. One moment you are in Hackney in an artist's cluttered studio, the next you are at the Ritz for lunch with a collector.
This is where, on a summery afternoon at The Outsiders, I met my first business partner Steph Sebbag, the owner of an advertising company in LA. After a few trips to LA and Miami Basel we both decided to open our own gallery, De Re Gallery in Beverly Hills. It was named after the little French island where I am from, Ile de Re. I travelled extensively for a few months to gather a list of artists and the opening was a big success. I became the youngest art dealer in LA, at just 23 years old.
I am much better suited to being an entrepreneur than an employee as I have always had a strong artistic vision of my own, as well as a great sense of initiatives and the capacity to work long hours without deadlines. However, I much prefer the art scenes of London, New York and Paris to that of Los Angeles. I quickly realised that despite being in my element career wise, I was missing the cultural hubs. I flew back to London where I met with my two current business partners, India Rose James and William Pelham, to create the Soho Revue Gallery. After months spent brainstorming in a little café in Soho next to our huge building site, I am over the moon with the results. The gallery is in full swing, we have already secured media partners for our upcoming panels of discussion, we publish our own newspaper (the Soho Revue) and we have been featured on the BBC and in the Evening Standard and The Times.
As in every train journey, the ride has been intense but enlightening. To be continued... 
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