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Plum Turner - Oppo Ice Cream

Marketing and Communications Manager, Member of the Founding team

Plum's story

In October 2014 I decided to take the leap of faith and left my job in the city without another role to go to... I think my boss thought I was completely mad along with lots of other people at my company. I had known for a while that the industry was not ultimately where I wanted to be long term and after one too many early starts and late finishes I finally listened to my gut feeling and plucked up the courage to stop talking about it and actually take control of my own life and destiny. 

After handing my notice in I was not quite sure what I had done and did not have the overwhelming feeling of elation I had dreamed about but instead felt completely empty. 

Since graduating from the University of Edinburgh I had volunteered at Escape the City and for a short period co-hosted all their London events alongside my job. 

The week after handing my notice in I went for a coffee with Mark who used to help me run the Escape events for a bit of a brainstorm. I had all sorts of ideas running around in my head from packing my backpack and jetting off into the distance to going and working abroad. 

The first question Mark asked me was "in an ideal world what do you want to...?" To which I said there were so many things and I just was not sure what the right one was. One thing I said I was interested in though was broadening my skill set and learning more about Digital Marketing since everything seemed to be gearing towards Digital. I had also always dreamed of either start my own company or work for a start-up I really believed in and could help shape. 

He immediately said that I should look at a course backed by Google called Squared Online which is a six month Digital Marketing course. He then suggested I get in touch with his friend Harry who was head of their Marketing to find out more but quickly warned not to be offended if he did not reply immediately since he was busy setting up an ice cream company with his brother and the rest, as they say, is History...! 

Without sounding too cheesy Oppo really is my dream job. Ice cream - what more could a girl want...?! On a serious note it is everything that I had been searching for in my ideal role, combining my previous experience in the city with the dream or working for a company I truly believe in and want to help grow to be a success. Outside of work my passions (for want of a better word) are taking on physical challenges, being active, exploring, health and food. Oppo caters to all of these and everyday it almost feels as though I am doing my hobby, not going to work, no more Sunday blues! 

What is Oppo all about

Oppo is all about building a brand that is synonymous with healthy indulgence and making the impossible possible. The ice cream is a permissible indulgence which individuals can have whilst on a fitness regime or training for a marathon and contains fewer calories than an apple! We believe it is possible to still indulge in the things you love and be healthy. Adventure/ travel are a large part of the brand - the idea behind Oppo was born during the summer of 2011 in Brazil whilst Charlie and Harry were breaking the unofficial record to be the first to travel 1,000km along the north-east coast by kite buggy using wind power alone. During the trip they lost a lot of weight and ran out of food so started to live off coconuts. They soon realised that these provided more nutrients and energy than the food they had taken out with them; Charlie returned home with a new business venture in mind! 

Oppo's Story

Oppo takes traditional ice cream flavours, replaces sugar and cream with stevia leaf and virgin coconut oil and boosts each one with a different superfood to give it an exotic taste and enhanced nutritional benefits. There are currently three flavours available: Madagascan Vanilla with Baobab, Salted Caramel with Lucuma, and Mint Choc Swirl with Spirulina. 

Oppo recently successfully closed its crowdfunding campaign and is the fastest ever food/ drink start-up to reach its target, the most over-funded campaign Seedrs have hosted and raced into the top five fastest campaigns hosted on Seedrs (reaching the initial £100,000 in a matter of minutes). The campaign closed with 197 individual investors and over £300,000. 

The product launched in October 2014 and is currently available in 117 Waitrose stores and on  

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