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Webinars: Dates TBC

How to build your resilience | In partnership with FeForte

Four weekly sessions 18:30-20:00

NB - most organisations have a learning and development budget. It's worth checking with your boss to see if your company will cover the cost of this course.

Resilience is a necessary skill for everyone, but women often encounter different challenges in traditional patriarchal societies. And then you throw in climate, economic crises, political upheaval and unrest!

So how do we develop the skills we need to face these problems and thrive?

Join us to find out. FeForte will lead us in science-based training and philosophical exploration including mindfulness practice. They’ve identified the habits needed to build your personal resilience, and will teach us to master them on this deep-dive training course. Each of the four 90-minute virtual meetings will be an opportunity to review practice, share new knowledge and embed new skills.

Session 1: Introduction

- Meet FeForte and the group

- Learn what resilience is and how we can build it

- Discuss gender differences – why do we focus on women?

Session 2: Beat your stress triggers

- Learn how your brain works

- Identify your personal stress triggers

- Find out what to do when triggered

Session 3: Prioritise you

- Understand brain capacity

- Look after yourself so you can manage stress

- Learn about and prioritise activities that refill your resources

Session 4: Grow your confidence

- How confidence connects to resilience

- Improve your confidence by changing your mindset

- Learn about Affirmations, Mindfulness, Body Language, and more


Online Events


New dates TBC in early 2022


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