Webinar — 26.05.2021

Broadminded x Kim Arnold: Get what you want everytime you hit send

Broadminded is delighted to be joined by Kim Arnold, author of 'Email Attraction' who will teach us how to make every message count


About this event

Ever spent an age penning the perfect email, only for it to fail to have the impact you’d hoped or, even worse, be completely ignored? In this age of increasing digital noise, how do you make sure your message is really heard?

We are delighted to be joined next month by consultant, speaker and author of 'Email Attraction', Kim Arnold. Kim has shown thousands of people all over the world how to write emails that people open, read and act on.

Kim started her career working for Deutsche Bank and Thomson Reuters, leading large global marketing and communications teams across Europe, Asia and the Americas in 10 different countries. Kim now supports small and medium sized businesses build imaginative brands, advising on marketing strategy that is heard best among all the noisy competition. She helps leading organisations - including FTSE 250 businesses, global banks, law firms, tech scale-ups and more - transform their communication, marketing and branding, and connect with their audience.

“I show businesses how to stand out, get heard and connect with their clients in our noisy old world. My clients call me a ‘rare find’ and a ‘talented strategist’ – words I pretend to be embarrassed by but secretly use to wallpaper my home office.”


Online Event


Wednesday 26th May 2021

7.30pm to 8.30pm


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