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In conversation with 

Mishal Husain

Over 50 attendees joined our webinar with inspiring Mishal Husain, hosted by our very own Cat from Broadminded. 

We're sure you all share our admiration (and envy, how does she do it with a 3 am wake up?!) of her composed style, warm nature, and smart insights. As promised, our key takeaways are noted below:

  1. We've all got to say yes to opportunities, if we say no we miss out on so many experiences. If you're doubting whether you can take on a career opportunity, remember that if your boss thinks you're good enough then you are good enough - why count yourself out? Don't put parameters on yourself and as Mishal's husband said to her, would you want your children not taking something on because it's hard?!

  2.  Women are more likely to be judged on personal characteristics and their personal lives. We should be aware of that. It doesn’t make it ok but the more we realise it the more we have a chance to break down stereotypes

  3. Mishal puts her success down to preparation. Most importantly think about how you start out a conversation or interview. That will set you off on the right tone and help you feel in control. After that you have to be more reactive and go with the flow.  

  4. To help prepare have a list of three things that you want to ask, or get across. We have short attention spans and three things will help implant them in your own mind and the mind of the person you’re talking to.

  5. As a broadcaster, Mishal's job is personally exposing and puts her on public display. But everyone feels exposed in whatever they are doing and there is an element of being on show in almost all jobs. We should recognize that and be aware that it is something we all need to manage, whatever our line of work.

  6. We need to lift other people up, particularly women. Mishal never thought she could do the Today programme but a seed was planted by other people. They gave her self belief she didn't have at the time, and looking back realises it wasn't as scary as she thought it would be. That said, even someone as composed as her has moments of being overwhelmed. You have to find a way through it and take it methodically. 

  7. If the right thing doesn’t come up then do what you can the best you can. Mishal told herself if she didn’t get Today or Newsnight, she would be the top international broadcaster she could be. Aim to be the best even if it's mundane and not what you want to be doing. It is when you throw your all into it that you get noticed, and that's when great things happen. 

  8. There is a danger if you’re in a role for a long time then you can take it for granted. You need to keep sharp and on the edge of your seat, and always think about what could happen in the future.

  9. Communication is a great life skill. You will always need to get your point across clearly. You never stop having to pitch yourself.

  10. We need more women of colour in broadcasting. Go for it, and if you are worried about being pigeonholed remember you bring a unique perspective and a different insight. Lean into what you know about or touches you, and you'll add more value to the story.



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Mishal Husain

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Cat Graham

Broadminded Director

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