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Webinar — 28.04.21

In Conversation with

Pandora Sykes

Modern life is full of choices. But how do we know what our best life looks like? And what if we get it wrong?

Podcaster, journalist and author Pandora Sykes joins us this March to answer these questions - exploring the phenomenon known as the paradox of choice and discussing how modern women can overcome it. Pandora's incisive, wide-ranging and witty collection of essays, How Do We Know We're Doing it Right?, examines how these issues are shaped by the anxieties and agendas that consume our lives. We need to interrogate the stories we've been sold and the ones we tell ourselves - from happiness to wellness; womanhood to consumerism.

We are thrilled that Pandora will be joining us to talk about her brilliant book as well as her career to date. A former fashion editor and columnist at The Sunday Times Style and contributing editor at ELLE, she has written for titles including The Observer, The Telegraph, GQ, Vogue, Red, ES Magazine and Grazia.

She was also the co-creator and co-host of the acclaimed weekly podcast The High Low, which received over 1.2 million downloads per month and featured authors including Leila Slimani, Reni Eddo-Lodge and Tina Brown.



Online Event


Wednesday 28th April 2021



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Pandora Sykes

Writer, journalist and broadcaster.

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