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Six years ago we founded BroadMinded because we love our jobs and wanted to create a space to support other women who felt the same.


Meet the team.

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Georgina Parker

Head of Sustainability
at Quaero Capital

  • LinkedIn

Avid reader of current affairs, and keen for a debate on most subjects! Passionate about encouraging greater diversity across organisations, as well as sustainability.

"I spent my childhood watching my mother stride around in her 90s shoulder pad suit and never realised how much of a rarity she was until I hit my 20s. I'm currently channeling the influence of investors to encourage greater diversity at the companies in which we invest - not just an optical shift to 30% women on board, but real fundamental organisational change."

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Clare Pelly

Head of the Astronaut Office
at Virgin Galactic

  • LinkedIn

Big fan of a good fact - did you know only 11% of people who have been to space are women?! On a mission to support women in all areas of life, while working out how to bring up her own tiny feminist. 

"I didn't properly engage with the challenges that women face, at work and in life, until my mid twenties and genuinely thought the equality fight had been won. Then, all of a sudden, friends and associates were taking off engagement rings in job interviews in case employers thought they were likely to have children in the near future and not worth hiring. The challenges have only accelerated since, and it's damn hard to be a working woman. I feel passionate about the refuge, support and boost we can offer women - and to pre-empt the question - men are part of the solution and we have events for you too! 


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Cat Graham

Head of Religion & Philosophy

at St Paul's Girls' School

  • LinkedIn

Teacher and feminist. Working with young people to help them develop the skills, confidence and compassion they need to raise their voices loudly, proudly and persuasively.

“I think there is a really exciting energy for change among women and girls today. There are enormous injustices still to be overcome, but as a generation raised to believe we are equal, we are consequently both outraged when we encounter inequality and confident in our ability to fight it. I am hopeful that this fire and determination is going to achieve great things.”

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Sarah Malik

Co-founder and Director
at Malik and Mack

  • LinkedIn

Lover of all things well designed. Passionate about the 'confidence gap' as well as female entrepreneurship.

"Early on at work I saw highly capable women too shy to speak alongside new male grads all too ready to take to the floor. The difference in confidence is nuanced yet pervasive and of course not just limited to a gender problem. I love Broadminded because it helps women tackle the big and the small, the said and the un-said and the icky grey in between. All in very good company, of course!"

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Jenny Renton

Investment Director
at Ruffer LLP

  • LinkedIn

"I grew up in a family of 6 - half boys and girls. My dad was the breadwinner and the person who continually stoked my ambition through school and beyond. It wasn't until 3 years into my professional career I worked somewhere where decision making was unilaterally a man's job and I was affronted with the challenges women might face in progressing to the top jobs. It was at this point that my quest in supporting women's progress to positions of leadership informally began. I passionately believe that diversity of thought delivers a superior outcome."

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Morag 'Em' Ofili

Senior Associate 
at Harbottle and Lewis

  • LinkedIn

Passionate, determined lawyer with an uncommon resolve to bring out the best in everyone, all with a healthy dose of humour.

"When I was younger, I believed that women should 'have it all'. Now, I realise that a woman should have whatever she wants. Being told that I can't do something because I'm black or a woman will only make me double down on disproving the naysayers and empower other women to do the same."

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